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Are you a receptionist? Keen to upgrade your skills? Then this course would be idea. It covers everything from communication in both informal and formal ways to an in-depth understanding of customer care. This course is ideal for anyone who is a receptionist or is keen to include more reception skills into their job.

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Course Info

Distance Learning Support


At Start Learning we pride ourselves on our friendly and supportive tutors. Your tutor support will start as soon as you receive your course and will be valid for 12 months. All our tutors are highly qualified with extensive experience in supporting distance learning students. You contact your tutor via email and they are responsible for marking assignments answering your questions and guiding you through the course.

Home Study Entry Requirements 


At Start Learning we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and study further, so we try to keep our entry requirements to a minimum.      

Recommended Hours of Study


We recommended you spend approximately 110 hours of your time studying for the Professional Receptionist course. The pace of study is completely up to you. To give an example, if you dedicate 2 hours a week to the course it would take you a year to complete but if you could spare 4 hours a week you could complete it in six months.

Course Contents


The Professional Receptionist course consists of 2 different courses.
Certificate in Effective Communicating (NCFE Level 2)
Customer Care (NCFE Level 2)

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Effective Communicating

Module 1 - The Essentials of Communication: The Importance of Good Communication - Modes of Communication - The Key Elements of Communication - The Whole Message - What Does the Recipient Expect?                                          

Module 2 - Sending Informal Messages: Memoranda ('Memos') - Electronic Mail (Email) - Text Messages - Facsimiles or 'Faxes'                                                

Module 3 - Sending Formal Messages: Letters – The First Impression - Greetings and Sign-Off - The Details - Writing Clearly - Writing Accurately - Formal Emails - Reports and Proposals - Reviewing Formal Letters and Reports

Module 4 - Two-Way Communication: The Telephone - Using the Answer Phone - Using the Mobile Phone - Face-to-Face Meetings                                                     

Module 5 – Presentations: Presentation Skills - First Impressions - Explaining Your Points Clearly Humour - Inviting Discussion - Ending the Presentation

Module 6 – Advertising: Press Releases - Newspaper Advertisements - Direct Mail - Web Sites 

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Customer Care

Unit 1 - Customer Care: What is Customer Care? - Defining Customer Care - Characteristics of Effective Customer Care

Unit 2 - Customer Care and Company Benefits: Increase in Profits - Customer Loyalty and Long Term Profitability - Fewer Complaints - Staff Know what is Expected of Them - A More Pleasant Working Environment - Customer Integration and Specialisation

Unit 3 - Considering a Policy and Plan: Who are Current and Potential customer, their characteristics and needs - Staff Interfacing with Customers - What Tangible or Intangible assets to company has - Competitor Characteristics - Improvements and Additions to Customer Care and Service

Unit 4 - Customer Care and You: The Right Attitude - Looking and Sounding Right - Having the Right Information - Keeping Control - Working Within a Team - Customer Complaints - Answering the Phone 

Unit 5 - Customer Care and Service Plans: Contents of the Plan - The Advantages of Planning - Objectives, Strategies and Tactics - Target Strategy - Forecast or Assumptions of Outcomes - A Simple Case on Customer Care Planning - Company Policies - People Make a Plan Work - Current Customer Care and Services

Unit 6 - Motivating the Staff: Involvement – Achievement - Recognition - Feeling of Belonging - What Every Manager Should Do

Unit 7 - Standards and Monitoring: Set Plans - Obtain Feedback - Measuring Results - Managing the Plan and People

Unit 8 - Selling the Plan: Internally - Selling to the Customers - What to Advertise Openly - A Case in Point

Payment Plan


Full Price is £325

6 Monthly Installments of £54.16

The first installment is paid at time of enrolment with a fee for postage and packaging.

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At the end of this course successful learners will receive the following:
A Certificate in Effective Communicating (NCFE Level 2)
A Certificate in Customer Care (NCFE Level 2)

Awarding Body Information


NCFE is recognised as an awarding body by the qualification regulators ('regulators') for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The regulators are the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) in England, the Department for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills (DCELLS) in Wales and the Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) in Northern Ireland



This course is marked through a process of continuous assessment guided by your tutor following NCFE guidelines. This means that your qualification will be awarded according to your performance on assessments rather than by taking an exam.

Language of Course




Q: How does the Professional Receptionist course work?
A: The great thing about distance learning is that you can study from home or work, at your own pace and in your own time. You will also have your own professional personal tutor offering unlimited support via email and post, seven days a week. He or she will be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you advice as to how to complete the course successfully.

Q: Is there an exam at the end of the course?
A: No, the course is made up of assignments which you complete and send to your tutor for marking.

Q: Is there a word count for my assignments?
A: No, there is no specific word count but you have to prove to the tutor that you have fully understood the questions. One sentence answers will not be accepted and you will be asked to redo the question and resubmit it.

Q: What happens if I’ve paid for the course but find it unsuitable?
A: Not a problem. If you return it within seven days, we’ll give you a complete refund, as long as the course is in re-saleable condition.

Q: What are the qualifications required to enrol onto this course?
A: No Entry Requirements

Q: How long do I have access to the personal tutor service?
A: The personal tutor service is available for 12 months from when the study materials are received.  At Start Learning we aim help our students to the best of our ability; therefore we are always delighted to answer questions and queries out with the 12 month period.
Q: Do your courses meet the latest syllabus changes?
A: yes, all our course materials meet any changes and will be updated free of charge if further changes are made.
Q: Is this Professional Receptionist course paper based or on-line? 
A: Our Professional Receptionist course is paper based and comes in an attractive folder. 

Q: I still have questions? / I would like more information?
A: If you require more information please do not hesitate to contact Start Learning via email: or call us on 0800 074 1222 or 0141 218 4424.

We look forward to hearing from you.