Animal Care courses

If you love working with animals then our comprehensive range of Animal Care qualifications might be right for you. We have everything from Dog Grooming to Fish Biology perfect for those with a real passion for working with animals that would like to learn from home.


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Dog Grooming Distance Learning Course

Keen to study Dog Grooming by distance learning? Do you love dogs? Have you ever thought about making it a career? There are over 8 million dogs in the UK, with a significant growth in dog grooming, as people are keen to emulate celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kelly Osborne who are never seen without a faithful pup by their side. 

This course would also be perfect if you wanted to perfect your grooming techniques on your own dog and save yourself the expense each month.

The course includes a FREE DVD entitles Dog Grooming the Basics and a FREE book called “Dog Grooming For Beginners” featuring all 87 recognised breeds. Like all Start Learning courses, you will have access to tutor support and our courses are designed in bite sized sections to make learning easier and more flexible. So Start Learning now! 

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Fish Biology (Diploma in Ichthyology)

Keen to study Fish Biology by distance learning? Are you a fish fancier? Fascinated by life under the water? There are 25,000 different species of fish and almost 200 new species are discovered each year.

The study of Ichthyology is also important from a conservation point of view, as ocean temperatures change and habitats are created and destroyed. 

This course is fully supported by our expert tutors and is split into bite sized sections to learning can fit into your busy day even more conveniently. So Start Learning today!

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Advanced Animal Behaviour Distance Learning Course

Looking for a distance learning course in Advanced Animal Behaviour? Are you fascinated by animals? Really interested in what makes them tick?

This is a high level course that delves into the nervous system, brain processes, evolution, altruism, and the factors that result in the prevalence of monogamy among other intriguing subjects. This course would be a real benefit to anyone that is currently working with animals or intends to in the future.

The course is split into easy to use bite sized sections so it conveniently fits into your busy life. Plus, don’t forget your tutor is there to help every step of the way. So Start Learning today!

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Animal Behaviour Diploma Distance Learning Course

Are you keen to study Animal Behaviour by distance learning? Do you wonder why animals behave in the way they do? This course is an intriguing insight into how and why animals act like they do.

It covers everything from the animal at play, to the learning process and the development of behaviour; it even explores the link between genetics and behaviour. You will also cover the mating game, social behaviour and territoriality and aggression. This course is perfect for anyone who has an interest in animals and may want to work with them more closely in the future.

Like all Start Learning courses, you will have full tutor support and the course is designed, with you at heart, in bite sized sections to make learning convenient and fun. So Start Learning today!

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Canine Science Distance Learning Course

Interested in studying Canine Science by distance learning? Are dogs your best friend? Are you keen to learn more about how they originated and their diversity?

Then this Canine Science course from Start Learning may be perfect for you. You will cover fascinating subjects from canid evolution to wolf behaviour and domestication.

This course is split into bite sized sections to make studying convenient and as easy as possible. You will also have access to your tutor whenever you need them. So Start Learning today!

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