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Our distance learning dog grooming courses allow you to study from home. Do you spend a significant amount on dog grooming each year? Then this course could save you money it also could be a future career? It covers all the basics of dog grooming as well as examining the differences by breed.


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Dog Grooming Distance Learning Course

Keen to study Dog Grooming by distance learning? Do you love dogs? Have you ever thought about making it a career? There are over 8 million dogs in the UK, with a significant growth in dog grooming, as people are keen to emulate celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kelly Osborne who are never seen without a faithful pup by their side. 

This course would also be perfect if you wanted to perfect your grooming techniques on your own dog and save yourself the expense each month.

The course includes a FREE DVD entitles Dog Grooming the Basics and a FREE book called “Dog Grooming For Beginners” featuring all 87 recognised breeds. Like all Start Learning courses, you will have access to tutor support and our courses are designed in bite sized sections to make learning easier and more flexible. So Start Learning now! 

Our great Dog Grooming course now with £100 off! Just £350. SAVE £100 Pay Online Only

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