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Our distance learning forensic science courses allow you to study from home. Does CSI fascinate you? Are you interested forensics? Then this may be the right course for you. It covers the science behind the magic and gives you a unique insight into the field.


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Forensic Science Distance Learning Course

Do you love CSI? Are you potty about Kay Scarpetta? Then you will love this Forensic Science course.

It covers everything from human anatomy to criminology, finishing with an understanding of chemistry and forensic psychology. You will cover criminal profiling and fingerprinting, spending time learning how to analyse crime scenes and examining evidence as well as forensic computing.

The course is split into bite sized sections to make studying as simply as possible, you will also have your tutor to help you every step of the way. So Start Learning now.


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Forensic Psychology Diploma

Are you interested in the psychology of the criminal justice system? Determind to find out what lies behind criminal behaviour? Then this is the course for you.

Forensic psychologists are concerned with the application of psychology to the criminal justice system, and with understanding the psychological processes related to criminal behaviour. They are sometimes known as 'criminal psychologists' or 'investigative psychologists'.  

Forensic psychology is often perceived as concerning criminal investigation and profiling.  While this is one aspect it is not the only one, forensic psychology also relates to the assessment and treatment of criminal behaviour.  Forensic psychologists work not only with prisoners and offenders but also other professionals involved in the judicial and penal systems.

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