02 Dec 2010 Criminology Courses


Due to popular demand we have just launched 3 brand new criminology courses. They are indepth courses that really get to grips with the nitty gritty of crime and punishment.

Criminal Psychology Diploma

Are you intrigued by the psychology of the criminal? In this Criminal Psychology course we examine the criminal mind and how it develops to and explore ways of preventing and dealing with criminals.

We start out by discussing the different theories of criminal offending then move on to an in-depth exploration the psychology of violent crime.  The examination of the psychology of violent crime provides a useful introduction to forensic psychology and offender profiling.

During this Criminal Psychology course we also examine the psychology of terrorist crimes, domestic violence, drug abuse and youth crime and victimology, before taking a look at crime prevention and community safety and the criminal justice system and those involved in its management.

Forensic Psychology Diploma

Are you interested in the psychology of the criminal justice system? Determind to find out what lies behind criminal behaviour? Then this is the course for you.

Forensic psychologists are concerned with the application of psychology to the criminal justice system, and with understanding the psychological processes related to criminal behaviour. They are sometimes known as 'criminal psychologists' or 'investigative psychologists'.  

Forensic psychology is often perceived as concerning criminal investigation and profiling.  While this is one aspect it is not the only one, forensic psychology also relates to the assessment and treatment of criminal behaviour.  Forensic psychologists work not only with prisoners and offenders but also other professionals involved in the judicial and penal systems.

Psychology of Criminal Profiling

Have you ever wanted to know how understanding the criminal mind enables profiles to be developed and criminals caught! Then this is the course for you. Psychological profiling has become a major aid to police work and often forms a vital link in identifying the suspect.

This investigative discipline is based on the belief that a criminal does not just leave physical clues at the scene of the crime but that he also leaves psychological clues.  By careful examination and consideration of these clues the skilled profiler endeavours to build up a picture of the likely offender. 

A skilled profiler combines common sense, observation, background knowledge and geographical factors with a sound knowledge of psychology in his efforts to profile a killer or criminal.