25 Mar 2010 Learning is for Everyone

Learning is for everyone

Learning is often seen as the domain of the young. It’s something you dedicate yourself completely to and once you are finished you are not supposed to say “I wish I had made another choice”.

Distance learning allows everyone to choose from a vast array of subjects and study at home in their own time. In most cases learning is motivated by becoming better a job or choosing a new career, but occasionally someone decides to learn just for the fun of it. Because they felt they couldn’t or didn’t appreciate the opportunity when at school.

The great benefit of starting to learn again is that this time students have a real love of learning; they want to understand more and have a genuine thirst for knowledge. With distance learning you really can work at your own pace so that when you need longer to understand something you can take that time, and if you already know it – you can just skip through.

Learning outside the classroom setting can make a big difference. The student is able to concentrate and learn in away that best suits them, which could be in total silence or while watching TV. Whatever works best for you! That said, it is nice to know that you have a tutor available to help if you need one.

Some of our more specialised courses include:

Diploma in Fish Biology (Ichthyology)

Ornithology Course (Bird Studies)

Art Techniques